Create, Track and Manage





  • Project Management Tools.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Stay Orgnized.
  • Monitor Progress.


  • Lesson Building Software.
  • Quiz Creation Software.
  • Reach Global Audiences.
  • Automate your lessons.


  • Organize your life.
  • Remember important things.
  • Manage Family Calendars.
  • Easy access from phones.

SkillCoach gives you the tools to START and MANAGE a business

Organization is the Key to Success. Starting a business can be difficult unless you have tools to make it easy, and SkillCoach offers those tools for free. We provide storefronts, client building and retention tools, email services, newsletter widgets, and sales channels that not only help you get started, but that help you grow without the normal out of pocket expenses.

Video editing and screen capturing tools facilitate growth

Our software is not required to use our other tools, but it certainly helps. Our software allows you to capture and record your screen in a video format, you can use that to explain yourself if you are managing team members or students, and especially if you are creating a 'how - to' video, but you can do even more than that. You can edit the short videos you capture and then combine them to create a comprehensive video or lesson that is much more robust.